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Tooth Fairy


toothSo - along with the magic of Christmas came something very unexpected this past week....my son lost his first tooth.

And of course, losing your very first tooth is very special and we explained that to my five year old son when his bottom front tooth started to wiggle. He was very afraid to pull it out but when it came time for it to pop out - it was anything but simple....

The night before he lost his tooth we talked about how the tooth fairy comes and takes the tooth and gives him money. He was very excited for the tooth fairy to visit - but what he wasn't excited about was the tooth coming out. Even though it could have been pulled from his mouth that night so easily - as it wobbled back in forth in his mouth - we agreed not to touch it and allow him to let "nature take its course, and fall from his mouth when it was ready".

The next day, my son went off to kindergarden. On this particular day, it was pj wearing day at school and they were able to watch a movie "The Polar Express" in class.

When my son returned home, he was anxious to tell me all about it. However, as he spoke, I noticed something very strange....his tooth was missing!

"Where is your tooth?" I asked my son. And he stared blankly at me and replied "Oh yeah......it fell out of my mouth while I was watching the movie in the library."

"Where is it?" I asked excitedly.

"On the floor in the library!" My son said with concern. "It was dark while we watched the movie, and it fell out and I forgot to get it!"

I calmed my son down and promised that I would go and find it. However, this particular day was a snow storm. So I bundled up and headed out in the snow storm to the school.

When I arrived, I found the last staff member leaving (secretary) who advised me the school was closed due to the weather.

I explained to her the situation, and how it was my son's first tooth.

"You can come back in the morning to look," she said firmly to me.

"But the cleaning staff will sweep it up!" I replied with concern.

She paused for a moment and then did the nicest thing - she ushered me in out of the cold and took me to where they watched the movie.

When we entered the library, the janitor was about to sweep up the floor.

"Please stop!" I yelled, and the janitor jumped.

"I need to look at the floor!" I exclaimed.

The secretary explained the situation to him, and he smiled and motioned for me to come in.

However, when I walked in - I was mortified.

It had been "Movie" day in the library - and what I discovered was a floor filled with popcorn kernals.

How was I going to find a tooth in that!?

I remained undaunted though - and filtered through the popcorn on my hands and knees, picking up kernals, pieces of lint and buttons - but no tooth. After ten minutes of searching - I reluctantly gave up.

And so I returned to my son with no tooth.

He was so disappointed when I told him that I didn't find it.

"We could make a tooth ourselves out of paper and leave a note for the tooth fairy explaining what happened" I offered.

My son slowly smiled. "Yeah, mommy - that's a great idea!"

And so the tooth fairy came right on schedule and was completely understanding of our situation with the real tooth.

My son was a dollar richer the next day - and I was a relieved mom - who was happy that despite the set back, the first tooth loss wasn't a complete loss after all.

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